City Lights

1.   Sortie [Come and Gone]
2.   Do Your Homework
3.   One Step Forward (mp3)
4.   City Lights
5.   Fingertips
6.   Epitaph
7.   Sharpest Pencils
8.   Legal Fees
9.   The Way Things Are Here
10. Our Favorite Day

Released: Mid-August 2004 on Skrocki Records (SKR005). National Distibution through Revolver USA.

Performed By:
Jackson Long (vocals, drums), Meghan Kessinger (vocals, guitar) and Chris Rasmussen (bass, vocals).

Organ on “Sortie” and shaker on “Sharpest Pencils” by Chris Walla. Handclaps on “One Step Forward” by RT, CW, Adam Grunke, and Karlene Stauffacher.

Recording Info:
Recorded and mixed by Chris Walla at the Hall of Justice in Seattle, WA; June 27-July 3, 2004. Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI CD Mastering, Seattle, WA.