Erl dutin begins with deciding on th bt preschool. Here you’ll undrtnd hw t hiv that. Plu, we’ll dut u on hw t gt ready ur child for rhl, hw t help ease hr hng vr, nurg frindhi, mk the almost all of play nd learning tim.

A r-hl lgru, or in h day utiliztin simply a lgru, can be n rgnizd gru rviding hlth care nd iliztin fr children under fiv. Th wrd i trusted in Britin. Plgru are l formal thn th r-hl education f nursery hl. Th dn’t provide full-time trtmnt, rting for jut a few hur h day during hl term tim, often in th mrning nl. Th r staffed b nurr nur r vluntr, not by preschool educators, and are run by rivt individuals r hriti, alternatively than b the tt of tt r companies.

Playgroups are rtd and run b rnt nd rgivr, with hildrn choosing from a variety of tiviti set u to mt thir diffring nd. Ativiti t lgru are either fr r h rid nd uld include Mui nd performing, Imgintiv play, Outdr nd n play, Artwrk nd rt tiviti r Outing.

A lgru n be rntd vrwhr tht i safe fr hildrn and whr groupings f folks n meet – mmunit and nighburhd ntr, hlth trtmnt ntr, wmn’ ntr, rhl nd kindergartens, hl hll nd vn in someone’s house. Inid a lgru, parents nd rgivr stay t nnt to th other people; nd play with th kid. No child i too ung fr playgroup. All hildrn frm 0-5 r, inluding nw-brn, love nw tiviti and r th bnfit f dvling sensory, ibl and mmunitin kill thrugh tiviti t playgroup.

W are a consortium of educational rgniztin tht prides u as rvidr f ulit childcare nd rhl education in Singr.

We accomplish tht b ntntl ugrding ur detailed urriulum nd xnding n effective program tht i xluiv to Blossom.

Th usual curriculum, ditributd b ll ur hildr ntr, i th results of a discerning version of rrh in mdrn d educational tactics nd rr dtin of technological advancements.

We r ri will be th guiding rinil dfin wht we are a symbol f a mn and frm th building blocks whih vr person in the tm rfrm work nd perform ourselves.

We offer a highr degree f one-on-one connection btwn hildrn and thir educators. Our hildrn r the bnfit f individulizd ttntin and lrning rgrm nd their imrvmnt and development i rigrul recorded and ditributd t rnt.

We hv Childcare Cntr in the bt rgin f Singr. Our ntr r xluivl itutd and ltd fr different needs of hildrn. Th are iml rihl resourced nvirnmnt md to create a visually butiful environment, with a wrld-l urriulum tht ngg and mtivt children t tk lur from learning. W’v ntid hildrn frm different ntinliti, wh face n bundnt, ulturll divr environment where th n lrn muh nd develop nr ibl skills. W follow a traditional Mntri urriulum tht i rvidd b trind thr and l kth enthusiasm frm rrh-bd guidlin like th guidlin nd rul f th firt Years Fundtin Platform dvld in th Unitd Kingdm early years rgrm.

Our curriculum motivates children to truly hv a gd Prnl, t b Slf-Cnfidnt and b Creative tht th will xnd u to be bl glbl itizn. B w of a strenuous Mntri rgrm nd wlth ltin f lrning xrin that giv attention t specific dvlmntl dmin, nugh chance of both utdr and interior run nd l, and a fu n nurturing nd collaborating, we ftr lrning, xnin and lnning for the glb hd.

We ur t dt ur r wrth in ll nntin with th tkhldr, judg nd become ruled through these bnhmrk.

W r rud to b recognised to be one f the bt singapore preschool

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