5 Pre-Writing Activities For Your Kids

5 Pre-Writing Activities For Your Kids

Toddlers are gifted with amazing abilities to learn at a significantly fast pace. The more fun the activities greater will be the engagement of the child. Before your little one actually starts writing. Here are five activities that you can try with your kids to make them more keen on writing. Most nursery school in Singapore follow such fun activities to lead the children to writing.

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1. Dot to dot – Young children have a knack for connecting the dots. Start with the first letter of your child, break it to dots and ask her to join. Follow it with rest of the letters in her name. when your child gets a bit advanced use names of family members.
2. Letter tracing � A very fine way to learn to write is letter tracing. You can write a letter and then ask your child to highlight that letter with a marker. Start with letters and then you can move on to words, once your child gets used to it.
3. Play doh letters � Three-year olds love play-doh. With a play doh activity kids not only learn how letters and shapes look like but they get engaged in a fun-filled activity of creating something. Imagine the proud look they will have on their face if they have a P or maybe an A, all hand made to show to grandma!
4. Pretend writing � In order to encourage children to take to writing it is a great idea to let them pretend writing. You can lead them to learn how to hold a pencil while they might have a straw at hand. It will not only make your child more interested in learning but also promote fine motor skills among them.
5. Start it easy � It is always a good idea to start your kids writing journey with easy letters such as L, X, K or even a T if your kid likes to cross the T. beginning with easy letters will give your child the confidence she will need to proceed.

If you can incorporate some of these pre-writing activities in your kids schedule, then they will be benefitted with better grasp of pencil, will learn the art of manipulating hands and fingers easily.
Always remember to make activities fun. Try to give them a playful surrounding where they will not only enjoy but also learn. Do not be rigid and let the kids explore.


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