Learning Through the Kindergarten Curriculum in Singapore

Teachers and staff for kindergarten are specialized in handling and imparting knowledge to kids. They are not ordinary teachers rather diploma holders who are well versed in carrying out their routine tasks in efficient manner. The program is designed for infants and toddlers along with preschool kids. Aim of such programs is to:

  1. Enhance emotional and social development of kids through communication as well as proper care
  2. Meeting physical development and growth of infants
  3. Provision of quality toddler and infant care by providing conducive and healthy environment
  4. Development of motor and gross skills for stimulating safe and conducive environment

The curriculum designed for kindergarten level is also designed keeping in view the skill requirements and mental capabilities of every child. The article will study as what curriculum should include for kids at Singapore kindergarten level and how they should be taught with the help of different learning tools.

Learning Through Music

The importance of music for learning at kindergarten garden in Singapore cannot be ignored as it helps in the wholesome development of a child. Kids learn to play different musical instruments like keyboard and drums. Kids at nursery and pre-nursery levels are mostly given a chance to enhance their learning capabilities by singing, rhythmic, musical story as well as different musical movement tools. In other cases, some weekly basis lessons are also introduced for enhancing reading, listening, singing and notation skills of kids. With music, students can better concentrate their memory, expression, rhythms, expressions, teamwork as well as reading skills.


Kindergarten in Singapore not only focus towards mental capabilities of kids, they also emphasize towards physical activities of students. Kinderfit is also such program which emphasizes on physical fitness of kids by offering fitness activities developed by doctors. It is wellness training and fitness program which is focussed towards body requirements along with looking fit. In some kindergartens customized diet plans, nutrients counts are also provided along with fitness activities for helping kids stay active all day long.

Learning through Information Technology

IT is a comprehensive program which is designed for meeting multi-sensory requirements of kids, so they learn to write along with reading. With writing, students get a chance to explore environment, foster out of the box thinking and express themselves. They are also able to play with sounds and learn spelling as they learn to write with the help of sound.


It is inquiry-based learning program, which incorporates science, technology, reading/writing, engineering, arts and mathematics work. STEAM is an amalgamation of all programs for helping kids towards development problem solving capabilities.

Special Phonics Programs

With phonics kids learn using their sensory skills like writing, sound, reading, sight, speaking. Kids get a chance and find relationship between different sensory skills, so they learn better.


These are some of the basic programs which are being offered in almost all kindergartens working in Singapore, whereas there may be some variations as some institutes may be offering some additional programs as well apart from above discussed. Parents need to check before getting their kids admitted in these institutions as which program they need to choose and which they can drop keeping in view the mental capabilities of their child.