When Is The Right Time To Send Your Child To A Nursery School?

Many experts claim that a quality nursery school will help your little ones to learn to share, socialize and interact well with other adults and children. It may so happen that your kid is no longer wearing diapers and is fond of spending time with peers. However, does that mean that they are ready to start going to a nursery school? As a parent, are you mentally prepared to send them? Experts say it is too good an experience to be missed.

Benefit of starting early

Carnegie Foundation conducted a study that inferred that kids who begin their education at an early age can bring the best out of their schools in all their grades. Moreover, these kids are most likely to complete graduation from their high schools and attend college successfully. Moreover, children who attend early education programs are usually wealthier and healthier than others in their age group who did not participate.

Teachers of nursery schools will also vouch on the various merits of such schools. In a nutshell, children who get enrolled in nursery schools are better-equipped to get success. Kids who have gone to nursery school know how to gel with others and are better in language skills. They also have a wider knowledge base as compared to others who do not go to such schools. The value of these schools is much more than just providing academic knowledge.

Do they socialize?

The best indicator to know if your little one is ready for a nursery school is whether they can socialize well or not. Experts opine that when your kids are fond of being in company with other children, are capable of socializing and don’t mind separating from their mothers, they are ready. So, one thing should be very clear. The age of compulsory varies from one country to another.

Readiness is a crucial factor in starting nursery too early could be stressful for your child. When you find that your kid feels anxious to stay away from you, you should not use force. If it is uncomfortable for your child to separate from you when they are two or three years old, it is better not to compel them to attend nursery schools.

Unnecessarily applying force may backfire against you, experts say. You realize as parents, when your child’s separation anxiety is too high. When you do that, your kid may feel lonely and distressed. So, do not make it a stressful experience for them. Another important sign that tells your kid is not ready is when they are nit toilet-trained.