Why you should try to learn to play the violin at least once

Music is one of the most wonderful things in life right now. It is like a storage of emotions where each song or melody produces or inflicts different emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, and others. It is something that satisfies the mind and the body. Some people would only need music just to feel fine. Some people engage themselves more into music through playing musical instruments and one example of these instruments is the violin. It is one of the most adorable instruments right now because of the lovely sound that it produces. Many people want to learn how to play the violin and they have the right decision because this instrument can really do something for us.

Kristiana Jones will tell us more about it through her article below. Let us read about the top seven reasons why we should play the violin.

Top 7 Reasons to Learn to Play the Violin

  1. Entertainment

First of all, it’s just plain fun! With just a modest cash investment (large Internet retailers carry violins as cheaply as sixty dollars), you now have hours of entertainment in front of you. And once you’re comfortable enough, performing for others spreads the joy around.

  1. Nights on the Town

Learning any musical instrument will help with your sense of rhythm, tone, and overall musicality. Be afraid of the dance floor no more! Bonus: because of how it’s structured, the violin is more ear-training intensive than something like piano or guitar, so your off-tune karaoke will improve as well. Read more here 

Those were encouraging reasons to play the violin. It is really a form of entertainment and you will also improve as a whole person, but those were just the general reasons. Now, let us look into some specific benefits of learning how to play the violin. Do you know that learning how to play the violin could actually be beneficial for the brain and for the physical body?

In an article by Music Advisor, let us read about some of the top benefits of learning violin.

Top Benefits of Learning Violin

For music lovers around the world, the violin is one of the most beloved string instruments to listen to. For aspiring musicians, learning to play the violin is at the top of many bucket lists, and for good reason. Learning violin gives you more than just an enjoyable hobby and the ability to entertain an audience. Read on to discover some specific physical and mental benefits of playing the violin.

Improved posture

Have you ever seen a concert violinist hunched over in her chair? Of course not. Playing the violin requires impeccable posture, more than almost any other musical instrument. It takes strength and balance to hold your body and your violin in the proper position for extended periods of time. This means your core muscles are actively engaged while you play. As you practice more, expect to feel (and see!) a noticeable difference in the way you carry yourself through your back, abdomen, and shoulders. Read more here 

Those were surprising benefits of playing the violin. We didn’t know that it could actually do something to the physical like body like improve our posture and muscle strength. In addition, learning to play the violin can also do something helpful for the brain. That is why, it is good to let children have violin lessons because it can improve brain functions and it will be beneficial for their schooling.

To be more specific, Bella Abdurachmanov will tell us how playing the violin can make you better at one subject which is math.

Can Playing Violin Make You Better at Math?

The Whole Brain

What is the one activity you can do that will simultaneously engage almost every part of your brain? Yes, believe it or not, playing a musical instrument is that activity. More so than listening to music, playing a musical instrument stirs the chords of the brain. We will walk you through what happens to your brain “on music”. You will learn how playing a musical instrument sharpens key skills. You will also see how it nourishes the whole person. Maybe you’re thinking… I teach science. How I am going to help my students by learning about music and the brain? Playing a musical instrument actually improves a student’s abilities in other subject areas. You will gain practical tools to encourage your students to use music to broaden their minds. Read more here 

Great! Now, you do not just have the skills in playing the violin, but you also have the skills for math. It will be truly helpful for children because they are the ones who are taking math classes. They could be good musicians and good in academic performances as well. Playing the violin has multiple benefits and we are lucky enough if we get to have the chance to join violin classes. Let us not waste this opportunity because aside from the entertainment we get from it, we could also be healthier physically and mentally.