Getting Ready For International School Interview

Every year, as parents get all set to get their kids ready for facing the interviews in an international school, they are sometimes in a dilemma where and how to start from. In fact, interviews in these international schools exist for kids who are even three-year-old. It is really difficult for the dads and the moms to learn what goes on in such interviews. However, a majority if these interviews resemble a mini class that has about six to eight kids engaged in certain group activities that are coordinated by two to three teachers.

Here are a few useful tips that will equip the parents on how they should prepare their kids for an interview in quality international school or elsewhere.


  • Teach basic “etiquette” to your children. It is expected that your kids will know how to greet the teachers formally and thank them properly when their interview ends. They should also know that there should be an eye-contact with the teacher while the interview is being conducted. When the interview ends, they should say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’. There are a few international schools, which look at thus aspect quite seriously while conducting your kids’ interview.
  • Concentrate on your kid’s interactive skills. You need to also teach them how to be relaxed in different kinds of situations.
  • You can peruse through some of the practice sessions in case you feel is helpful. There are some tuition centers that conduct practice sessions on interviews.
  • You need to guide your kid to know how to use responses and express themselves well. Once you take care of this aspect, confidence will automatically come within them.
  • Try to share some of the activities that they are expected to face on the day of the interview. Some of them could be discussing a story, listening to stories, drawing an image of some special day and use picture cards for mapping out a story.


  • Do not overburden your little one with too many practice sessions on interviews before the actual interview since their impact will then get diminished. An experienced teacher of an international school will easily find out if it is a robotic preparation.


  • Do not try to pressurize your kids with the worries you are going through. After all your kid is not old enough to understand that an interview needs good performance on their part for clearing the interview will get them admitted to the said international school.