How to prepare your kid for preschool


Though preparing your kid for preschool including an ISS international preschool is important, remember that you must not overwhelm your kid. It is enough if you start preparing two or three weeks prior to the opening of the school. The following simple tips may help.


  1. Establish a routine


It is possible to have a smooth transition if you establish a routine. Routines will help your kid learn about sequencing, order, and the concept of time. Especially, morning routines are very important because the child has to attend her school on time. But if you want to succeed in scheduling morning routines, you must establish proper bedtime routines also. This means you have to make your kid sleep at a regular hour so she gets the required amount of sleep.


  1. Set teachable moments and utilize them fully


Children are curious learners but as a parent, you have to nurture their curiosity. For achieving this aim, you are advised to set teachable moments. Even if you are a busy person, try finding brief opportunities so you can teach your kid simple lessons.


Empathy is the main quality you must impart in your child. You should be a role model for making your kid understand empathy. If you help your friends, neighbors and others, your kid will also develop a tendency to help others. Similarly, if you care for others, the child will also learn the quality.


Apart from empathy, you must teach your child things about weather, nature, and other common things they may come across in their day-to-day life. Likewise, you can utilize the teachable moments for developing her reading skills as well.


  1. Perfect the motor skills of your child


Before your child starts attending the preschool or the international preschool you have chosen, you should ensure that she has perfect motor skills. Experts suggest that you can teach her to use and manipulate clay for forming shapes, letters, etc. You can also try to develop her hand-writing. If you search on the Internet, you will be able to find a number of activities that can improve her motor skills, dexterity and her hand strength.


  1. Make your kid do a few daily chores


By asking your child to clear the table of clutter, if any, keep her toys in the right place, or feed the pet in your house, you can teach her responsiveness and responsibility.


  1. Let her know about her preschool


If you talk about her preschool and how she can expect to enjoy the ambience there, you can make her more eager for attending the school. At the same time, avoid creating a big hype. Similarly, avoid talking frequently about the school. You should increase her eagerness in a subtle manner.


  1. Learn to handle separation anxiety


Some children may be affected by separation anxiety and hence, you must learn to handle such an eventuality. You have lots of materials on the Net for helping you learn to handle such situations.