Stages of education

We all talk about the importance of education in our lives. It indeed plays a vital role. But what is education: According to the dictionary, education is the process of giving or receiving systematic instruction, especially in an institutionalised form like a school or university. But education is not just limited to the dissemination of knowledge. It is about the wholesome growth and development of the personality. Education is something that we can attain throughout our life. There is no end to learning. However institutionalized education happens over a substantial period of timespanning up to sixteen or seventeen years.

Not just academic knowledge, education is also about the development of value system in an individual. Virtues like generosity, sincerity, cooperation, humility are all taught in schools. No wonder the word education comes from the Latin word Educatwrn or Educare which means to train or bring up an individual with care and nourishment. This brings in another angle of educationthat it is not just about teaching academic knowledge or inculcating values in an individual. It is also about realizing a persons potential and helping them attain it through a proper and robust training.

The three main purposes of education are:

Education helps to develop the skill set and knowledge base that is needed in life to be socially acceptable.

Education makes you successful in life that in turn becomes a source of joy and satisfaction.

Education helps to have a firm and robust value system that shapes the character of an individual.

Stages of education:

Our education system, which is highly institutionalized, can be divided into four stages that are interlinked: preschool, primary education, secondary education and higher education.

Preschool is the stage where the child goes to preschool in singapore and learns to interact with people outside the sheltered environment of the home. It is this initial stage that prepares the child for the rest of the stages.

Primary education: this is a very vital stage as it forms the base on which the superstructure of the secondary and higher education is built. It is in this stage that the child is first acquainted with institutionalized education.

Secondary education: this stage marks the beginning of specialization. It is from this stage that the child learns to understand where their aptitude lies and thereby specialize in them.

Higher education: Higher education is all about specialization and determines your childs career path.

Hence what school you apply now or RSVP now to will influence the childs growth in the long run.